The New Harry Potter Movies!


New Harry Potter Movies!

Why not right?! I mean, you have become a billionaire on the first run of movies and all of us can’t get enough, so why not continue on? You will make a boatload and we will enjoy the continued fantasy word. It makes sense to me.

Immediately fans asked if Daniel Radcliffe is going to be appearing in the new movies. Now, I personally have no idea, but big movies in history past are well known for throwing in cameos as the crowds and fans love them so much. Daniel didn’t have much to say on the matter and why would he as I am sure he is under contract to not say much at all.  Matt from SmashFund review comments: “Even though we ask the questions, we really don’t want to answers sometimes as it would spoil a nice surprise!” He couldn’t be more right really.

Are they going too far by releasing more movies?

Some fans feel they are just trying to milk our money at this point and what is left to tell in a great story that hasn’t already been told. Obviously, we don’t want to feel like that are just making a second-grade film to profit off of the franchise name, but I don’t think that JK Rowling is that type of person, to be honest. At this point in her life with all that money, I doubt she needs more. I would have to assume it is more for the love of writing and continuing on with a story so many feel connected to.

Our bigger question should obviously be, will we see Tom? As much as we love Tom, I’m not sure what reason they would have to bring Drako back into the movies. We love him so yes, but Harry is the main attraction and he would be the likely cameo if anyone gets one. I know, horrible to say, but just my honest gut feeling.  We will just have to wait and see, but at least we have some more good movies to look forward to.

I’d like to give a quick shout out to this weeks sponsor “SmashFund Review“, you can visit their site at: They were kind enough to give a quick statement and some general funding to help keep us afloat. I guess we aren’t the only Tom Felton fans out there 🙂

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Tom On Craig – Even Craig Likes Tom

Tom was recently seen on Craig Ferguson and even Craig had to mention what a nice guy he seems to be. very respectful and professional. Nothing like the character we all know him as (Drako Malkavoy).

So if Tom is such a nice guy in real life, why is he always cast as a “baddie” in movies? Sometimes roles pick us, we don’t pick them. Honestly even as Drako, he still has a lovable way about him.

My good friend Jordan jokes about what a little shit Drako is and needs a good slap on the backend. Maybe if Jordan spends some time on our site and looks into who Tom Felton really is, he may have a different opinion. We have all been wrong in life so I am not about to go around and point fingers at others either. I am as guilty to judge as anyone if I am being honest with myself.

So as an actor, how does one break out of the deemed role of a “baddie”? This is a tough proposition indeed, but we have seen many great actors jump from role to role. Take Robin Williams for example, star of Dead Poets Society, Jumanji, Night At The Museum, Popeye, Flubber, The Birdcage, Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting, voice in Aladin, and then One Hour Photo. Now these roles are completely opposite spectrums for the most part and yet in each role, you saw Robin as a different person and believed him. So for Tom to switch out of a baddie role, he will have to use all of his acting abilities and just make his new role believable and heartfelt which I believe he can do. I might be tough, but it is possible. Robin Williams might not be a fair example as he is an amazing actor, but you get the point and see the possibilities.

As for Tom, his future is bright with a world of possibilities. J.K. Rowling, gave him a beautiful world to start from, now he has an uphill climb to improve on that which he has already done.


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The Best Villains In Harry Potter

I love Tom for the simple fact that he is a great actor. Watching Harry Potter you can’t help but want to slap the little brat half of the time. But this is what makes a great actor right!

In real life, Tom seems to be one of the nicest celebrities you can meet. I mean, who follows their fans around to find out more about them?! He also genuinely cares.

His role in Harry Potter propelled him to unbelievable success as Drako Malfoy.

Matt from “Oregon Web Solutions – Portland SEO Firm” says that he can remember being inspired by all of the Potter characters growing up. “I brought you into this real magical world and let you be a kid again, I loved it!”

Matt now makes his living as a Portland SEO Consultant, but will never forget the excitement and joy from growing with the movie and characters. “It felt like I was part of that family really.”

Outside of Drako Malfoy, who would you say your favorite villain is? Let’s list a few:

  • Lord Voldemort – Known as the “main” Villain
  • Dolores Umbridge – The “pale toad”
  • Gellert Grindelwald – “For the greater good” he says
  • Bellatrix Lestrange – Murdered her own family people!
  • Peter Pettigrew – The betrayer
  • Fenrir Greyback – He is a werewolf!!!!
  • Barty Crouch Jr. – Loyal to the dark lord
  • Amycus Carrow – hot-tempered professor
  • Alecto Carrow – The evil sister, “we all know how those can be!”
  • Lucius Malfoy – Father of Drako…enough said!

What a list! Obviously Voldemort tops the list and would be known as one of the worst. But who would be your second? Drako’s dad maybe? Who can trust someone with white hair really?

Such a wonderful imagination J.K. had to create these amazing characters and this elaborate world. She gave millions of people a ride that they will never forget for the rest of their lives! Stories like this really come across very few times in a lifetime, Star Wars would be another that I can think of. Outside of that and maybe a few others, there are not big series that can draw you into another world quite like Harry Potter.

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Where Does Tom’s Success Come From?

Tom’s Success

Not everyone gets to drive a Lambo, but Tom is seen here in this video driving through and In-n-Out burger with a beautiful silver Lamborgini  Aventador ($450,000). But what gives Tom or any other famous movie star their success?

What sets these people apart from your everyday person working a 9-5 job? Very little is the correct answer. You would naturally think that there is a huge difference between a successful movie star and someone struggling to make the bills. The truth is that we are all born with the same gifts. Some people use them and some make excuses. You could say like Tom, they are better looking. I could find you plenty of stars and successful people who are not good looking at all. So now what? I would have to say it has to do with a lot of what is taught in the secret law of attraction coaching.

Let’s look at some factors that are a major difference:

  1. Focus – If you ask a successful where they are going in life, they can tell you and are laser focused on it.
  2. Drive – Once they have the focus, they back it with a reason that will push them every day.
  3. Vision – They can see the goal and feel it is real before it even happens.
  4. Persistence – They don’t let roadblocks, negative people or excuses get in their way.
  5. Belief – They believe that they will make it and act as though it is so.
  6. Faith – When times get tough, they keep pushing anyway with pure faith that it will happen

These are really the main differences in a successful person like Tom and a non-successful person. We would like to believe that looks, money, and being born into the right family are the reasons. These are our EXCUSES. I won’t say that it doesn’t hurt to have some of these things, but it is not the deciding factor in success.

So the next question would be, what excuse do you use if you are not successful? I can think of many that I have used and it wasn’t until I got honest with myself that I started to make a change and begin to grow into what I wanted. Please don’t let a lame excuse hold you back from achieving your dreams.

A lot of time we lean on these excuses unless a big enough reason comes along to push us through. If you have a burning reason to achieve something in life, then you are likely to achieve that goal.

As Earl Nightingale so eloquently puts: “People are where they are because that is exactly where they want to be whether they will admit that or not!” Tough line to chew on, but so true. We are where we are because we decide that it is a comfortable place to be. We justify it by excuses and fear. It is a scary thing to risk comfort to grow, but that is exactly what you will have to do to grow. You can’t get any further in life continuing to do the same things you are doing right now. You must start to apply yourself and get out of your comfort zone. “Comfort” is a cuss word in my house. It is the dream killer. I know because I have lived there for so long.

I hope this little blurb has given you a little wake-up call in life. I know so many people who want more out of life, but they live in a world of delusion and believe that they can’t achieve their dreams.

– “If you can see it in your mind, then you can achieve it in life. – Bob Proctor

If you would like to learn more about Bob Proctor, you can visit this link I found to get some of Bob Proctor’s success courses.


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Super Fans Part 4

Tom’s Super Fans Part 4

Tom ventures to Sandiego Comicon….as “The Joker!” Tom gets a great look into a huge event and doesn’t even get noticed. “It was very freeing and weird to have to dress up to feel normal.” He even tests his disguise out on an old friend and passes. You never know who you could actually be talking to when you are at a Comicon. Why not dress up as a superhero to disguise yourself so that you can go out in public and experience life again.

Tom relates his experiences with Daniel and J.K. Then he makes the final decision to finally go and meet his super fan Tina. The one who sparked this whole thing to begin with. Having a better understanding of a real fan and what they are after, Tom shows up at Tina’s home. Tina walks Tom through all of here merchandise and autographs. She shows Toms an album of pictures she has taken over the years for him and her at different places around the world.

Tom asks Tina what really sparks the interest and fandom. Tina talks about how she had never really had a family and she felt that through watching and reading all of the Harry Potter stories, that she got a taste of that family feeling. Just wanting to be a part of that family, she set out to meet and get autographs fulfilling a taste of that desire. “It just makes me feel a part of that whole family and it is a good feeling”, Tina says. Tom then realizes what it is about and can finally relate. Who can blame someone who just wants to feel that love and be a part of something special.

We all crave love on a certain level and most fans are simply after that. There are some exceptions who take it too far, but for the most part, fans just want to share love. Tom’s journey may have opened your eyes to a lot of things as I know that it has mine. I’d have to commend what a great guy Tom is to spend time doing this.

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Super Fans Part 3

Tom’s Super Fans Part 3

You can’t help but really like a guy who is as famous as Tom and gets out to meet and understand his fans. Tom starts off by meeting up with Brian in New York who is a pro when it comes to getting superstars photos and autographs. The funny thing is that Brian doesn’t do it for the money, but the love of the star and the hunt. We start to understand the difficulty in getting close to a star and the time and effort to spend 5 seconds with someone. Not only that, but the genuine rush you get when all goes to plan. There is also the other end when security gets fed up and starts pushing back as we see.

Being a super fan is a tough gig. Tom sits down with Daniel Radcliffe and Billionaire Writer J. K. Rowling. The funny thing is that even these people have the same reaction around certain people. J.K. talks about meeting Morrisey for the first time and just being in awe (as well as Morrisey being in awe of her). The humor of the fact that everyone is human. No one is ever really above another, they just excel at something.

Tom decides to take things a step further and head to Comicon Sandiego. This is the biggest Comicon event and completely nuts with people and fans. Realize he needs a disguise, he contacts 2 Comicon pros who help him create a costume to help protect his identity. You will have to wait for part 4 to see what that identity is.

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Super Fans Part 2

Tom’s Super Fans Part 2

If you didn’t see the first super fan’s video, you won’t want to miss this one. Tom heads to Comicon and meets with other superstar legends such as William Shatner, Lou Ferrigno, and a few others. He is also there to just share love with Harry Potter fans and finds a few interesting stories along the way.

Jade, being one of these heart-warming stories. After dealing with severe depression and not knowing how to deal with it anymore, she finds hope through the Harry Potter series. You never know what might connect with someone and maybe even help them in life, but when you can touch someone on that deep of level, it moves you. Tom discovers more about some of his fans and gets a taste of how it feels to be one of them when he tries talking to William Shatner. “I couldn’t remember all the questions I have had for years to ask him, it just all went blank and I was scrambling to find the words.” “I kept calling him captain Kirk!”

Apparently we can all be struck by stardom. Tom sits down with a few other fans and believes he is starting to get an idea of what it is all about.

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Super Fans Part 1

Tom’s Super Fans

When it comes to Harry Potter, there are fans around the globe and who can blame them. What a great movie right! So many lovable characters and hateable ones as well. This makes them great actors as you feel emotions towards them one way of the other.

Tom in particular has a few fans that follow him everywhere he goes. This is nothing new to a superstar, but what makes it a little different is that Tom wonders why the obsess as much as they do and is willing to go out and find out more. He actually cares enough to learn more. Not only that but he is filming it along the way and we will be following along side and filling you in.

One super fan in the video above dresses as Harry Potter every day. This would lead the normal person to ask, why? Tom actually goes to this guys house and finds out. After talking to him for a short while and digging a little deeper, we find out why. Sometimes we just need to connect with something that makes us feel good and empowered. The world has a way of beating you down and we all need a little pick-me-up from time to time. So people take this a little further.

Apparently after being bullied and made to feel less than most as in many cases, this boy found strength and connection in the Potter movies. After learning this, Tom takes a different look at the kid and realizes that he is not crazy, but just relating to the characters and pulling positive from the movie. This helps Tom ease up a bit and realize that we all are craving something and some of us go about that a little differently than others. Some do take things to the extreme, but in this case, seems to be in a positive light.

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Welcome To Tom Felton’s Blog

Tom felton

Welcome to Tom Felton’s blog page.

We will be here to entertain and talk about a lot of Tom. Stay tuned!

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