The New Harry Potter Movies!


New Harry Potter Movies!

Why not right?! I mean, you have become a billionaire on the first run of movies and all of us can’t get enough, so why not continue on? You will make a boatload and we will enjoy the continued fantasy word. It makes sense to me.

Immediately fans asked if Daniel Radcliffe is going to be appearing in the new movies. Now, I personally have no idea, but big movies in history past are well known for throwing in cameos as the crowds and fans love them so much. Daniel didn’t have much to say on the matter and why would he as I am sure he is under contract to not say much at all.  Matt from SmashFund review comments: “Even though we ask the questions, we really don’t want to answers sometimes as it would spoil a nice surprise!” He couldn’t be more right really.

Are they going too far by releasing more movies?

Some fans feel they are just trying to milk our money at this point and what is left to tell in a great story that hasn’t already been told. Obviously, we don’t want to feel like that are just making a second-grade film to profit off of the franchise name, but I don’t think that JK Rowling is that type of person, to be honest. At this point in her life with all that money, I doubt she needs more. I would have to assume it is more for the love of writing and continuing on with a story so many feel connected to.

Our bigger question should obviously be, will we see Tom? As much as we love Tom, I’m not sure what reason they would have to bring Drako back into the movies. We love him so yes, but Harry is the main attraction and he would be the likely cameo if anyone gets one. I know, horrible to say, but just my honest gut feeling.  We will just have to wait and see, but at least we have some more good movies to look forward to.

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