Super Fans Part 1

Tom’s Super Fans

When it comes to Harry Potter, there are fans around the globe and who can blame them. What a great movie right! So many lovable characters and hateable ones as well. This makes them great actors as you feel emotions towards them one way of the other.

Tom in particular has a few fans that follow him everywhere he goes. This is nothing new to a superstar, but what makes it a little different is that Tom wonders why the obsess as much as they do and is willing to go out and find out more. He actually cares enough to learn more. Not only that but he is filming it along the way and we will be following along side and filling you in.

One super fan in the video above dresses as Harry Potter every day. This would lead the normal person to ask, why? Tom actually goes to this guys house and finds out. After talking to him for a short while and digging a little deeper, we find out why. Sometimes we just need to connect with something that makes us feel good and empowered. The world has a way of beating you down and we all need a little pick-me-up from time to time. So people take this a little further.

Apparently after being bullied and made to feel less than most as in many cases, this boy found strength and connection in the Potter movies. After learning this, Tom takes a different look at the kid and realizes that he is not crazy, but just relating to the characters and pulling positive from the movie. This helps Tom ease up a bit and realize that we all are craving something and some of us go about that a little differently than others. Some do take things to the extreme, but in this case, seems to be in a positive light.

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