Super Fans Part 2

Tom’s Super Fans Part 2

If you didn’t see the first super fan’s video, you won’t want to miss this one. Tom heads to Comicon and meets with other superstar legends such as William Shatner, Lou Ferrigno, and a few others. He is also there to just share love with Harry Potter fans and finds a few interesting stories along the way.

Jade, being one of these heart-warming stories. After dealing with severe depression and not knowing how to deal with it anymore, she finds hope through the Harry Potter series. You never know what might connect with someone and maybe even help them in life, but when you can touch someone on that deep of level, it moves you. Tom discovers more about some of his fans and gets a taste of how it feels to be one of them when he tries talking to William Shatner. “I couldn’t remember all the questions I have had for years to ask him, it just all went blank and I was scrambling to find the words.” “I kept calling him captain Kirk!”

Apparently we can all be struck by stardom. Tom sits down with a few other fans and believes he is starting to get an idea of what it is all about.

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