Super Fans Part 3

Tom’s Super Fans Part 3

You can’t help but really like a guy who is as famous as Tom and gets out to meet and understand his fans. Tom starts off by meeting up with Brian in New York who is a pro when it comes to getting superstars photos and autographs. The funny thing is that Brian doesn’t do it for the money, but the love of the star and the hunt. We start to understand the difficulty in getting close to a star and the time and effort to spend 5 seconds with someone. Not only that, but the genuine rush you get when all goes to plan. There is also the other end when security gets fed up and starts pushing back as we see.

Being a super fan is a tough gig. Tom sits down with Daniel Radcliffe and Billionaire Writer J. K. Rowling. The funny thing is that even these people have the same reaction around certain people. J.K. talks about meeting Morrisey for the first time and just being in awe (as well as Morrisey being in awe of her). The humor of the fact that everyone is human. No one is ever really above another, they just excel at something.

Tom decides to take things a step further and head to Comicon Sandiego. This is the biggest Comicon event and completely nuts with people and fans. Realize he needs a disguise, he contacts 2 Comicon pros who help him create a costume to help protect his identity. You will have to wait for part 4 to see what that identity is.

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