Super Fans Part 4

Tom’s Super Fans Part 4

Tom ventures to Sandiego Comicon….as “The Joker!” Tom gets a great look into a huge event and doesn’t even get noticed. “It was very freeing and weird to have to dress up to feel normal.” He even tests his disguise out on an old friend and passes. You never know who you could actually be talking to when you are at a Comicon. Why not dress up as a superhero to disguise yourself so that you can go out in public and experience life again.

Tom relates his experiences with Daniel and J.K. Then he makes the final decision to finally go and meet his super fan Tina. The one who sparked this whole thing to begin with.¬†Having a better understanding of a real fan and what they are after, Tom shows up at Tina’s home. Tina walks Tom through all of here merchandise and autographs. She shows Toms an album of pictures she has taken over the years for him and her at different places around the world.

Tom asks Tina what really sparks the interest and fandom. Tina talks about how she had never really had a family and she felt that through watching and reading all of the Harry Potter stories, that she got a taste of that family feeling. Just wanting to be a part of that family, she set out to meet and get autographs fulfilling a taste of that desire. “It just makes me feel a part of that whole family and it is a good feeling”, Tina says. Tom then realizes what it is about and can finally relate. Who can blame someone who just wants to feel that love and be a part of something special.

We all crave love on a certain level and most fans are simply after that. There are some exceptions who take it too far, but for the most part, fans just want to share love. Tom’s journey may have opened your eyes to a lot of things as I know that it has mine. I’d have to commend¬†what a great guy Tom is to spend time doing this.

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