The Best Villains In Harry Potter

I love Tom for the simple fact that he is a great actor. Watching Harry Potter you can’t help but want to slap the little brat half of the time. But this is what makes a great actor right!

In real life, Tom seems to be one of the nicest celebrities you can meet. I mean, who follows their fans around to find out more about them?! He also genuinely cares.

His role in Harry Potter propelled him to unbelievable success as Drako Malfoy.

Matt from “Oregon Web Solutions – Portland SEO Firm” says that he can remember being inspired by all of the Potter characters growing up. “I brought you into this real magical world and let you be a kid again, I loved it!”

Matt now makes his living as a Portland SEO Consultant, but will never forget the excitement and joy from growing with the movie and characters. “It felt like I was part of that family really.”

Outside of Drako Malfoy, who would you say your favorite villain is? Let’s list a few:

  • Lord Voldemort – Known as the “main” Villain
  • Dolores Umbridge – The “pale toad”
  • Gellert Grindelwald – “For the greater good” he says
  • Bellatrix Lestrange – Murdered her own family people!
  • Peter Pettigrew – The betrayer
  • Fenrir Greyback – He is a werewolf!!!!
  • Barty Crouch Jr. – Loyal to the dark lord
  • Amycus Carrow – hot-tempered professor
  • Alecto Carrow – The evil sister, “we all know how those can be!”
  • Lucius Malfoy – Father of Drako…enough said!

What a list! Obviously Voldemort tops the list and would be known as one of the worst. But who would be your second? Drako’s dad maybe? Who can trust someone with white hair really?

Such a wonderful imagination J.K. had to create these amazing characters and this elaborate world. She gave millions of people a ride that they will never forget for the rest of their lives! Stories like this really come across very few times in a lifetime, Star Wars would be another that I can think of. Outside of that and maybe a few others, there are not big series that can draw you into another world quite like Harry Potter.

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