Tom On Craig – Even Craig Likes Tom

Tom was recently seen on Craig Ferguson and even Craig had to mention what a nice guy he seems to be. very respectful and professional. Nothing like the character we all know him as (Drako Malkavoy).

So if Tom is such a nice guy in real life, why is he always cast as a “baddie” in movies? Sometimes roles pick us, we don’t pick them. Honestly even as Drako, he still has a lovable way about him.

My good friend Jordan jokes about what a little shit Drako is and needs a good slap on the backend. Maybe if Jordan spends some time on our site and looks into who Tom Felton really is, he may have a different opinion. We have all been wrong in life so I am not about to go around and point fingers at others either. I am as guilty to judge as anyone if I am being honest with myself.

So as an actor, how does one break out of the deemed role of a “baddie”? This is a tough proposition indeed, but we have seen many great actors jump from role to role. Take Robin Williams for example, star of Dead Poets Society, Jumanji, Night At The Museum, Popeye, Flubber, The Birdcage, Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting, voice in Aladin, and then One Hour Photo. Now these roles are completely opposite¬†spectrums for the most part and yet in each role, you saw Robin as a different person and believed him. So for Tom to switch out of a baddie role, he will have to use all of his acting abilities and just make his new role believable and heartfelt which I believe he can do. I might be tough, but it is possible. Robin Williams might not be a fair example as he is an amazing actor, but you get the point and see the possibilities.

As for Tom, his future is bright with a world of possibilities. J.K. Rowling, gave him a beautiful world to start from, now he has an uphill climb to improve on that which he has already done.


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