Tom Felton And Jade Gordon

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Jade Gordon, my girlfriend who produced the show with me … The disguise came out of the idea that we could go under the radar a little bit. Tom Felton wears a disguise wig and glasses as he poses with superfan Brian It was remarkable …

Tom Felton Website Contents Don’t need invisibility cloaks Who played draco Draco and the plays brooding villain Was 10 when Harry Potter stars don’t need invisibility cloaks to go incognito on the streets of Prague, apparently, as Tom Felton proved when he was
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Harry Potter‘s handsome villain, Tom Felton, may play married-with-children in Deathly Hallows Part II but says real kids aren’t coming anytime soon. Felton’s real-life girlfriend, Jade Gordon, makes a cameo appearance in the final …

Tom Felton Questions including "When did Tom Felton and Jade break up" and "What is tom felton doing now"

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Tom Felton and Jade Olivia HALOHe cut a solitary figure at the Giffoni Film festival on Tuesday, but Tom Felton was reunited with his stunning girlfriend …

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