Where Does Tom’s Success Come From?

Tom’s Success

Not everyone gets to drive a Lambo, but Tom is seen here in this video driving through and In-n-Out burger with a beautiful silver Lamborgini  Aventador ($450,000). But what gives Tom or any other famous movie star their success?

What sets these people apart from your everyday person working a 9-5 job? Very little is the correct answer. You would naturally think that there is a huge difference between a successful movie star and someone struggling to make the bills. The truth is that we are all born with the same gifts. Some people use them and some make excuses. You could say like Tom, they are better looking. I could find you plenty of stars and successful people who are not good looking at all. So now what? I would have to say it has to do with a lot of what is taught in the secret law of attraction coaching.

Let’s look at some factors that are a major difference:

  1. Focus – If you ask a successful where they are going in life, they can tell you and are laser focused on it.
  2. Drive – Once they have the focus, they back it with a reason that will push them every day.
  3. Vision – They can see the goal and feel it is real before it even happens.
  4. Persistence – They don’t let roadblocks, negative people or excuses get in their way.
  5. Belief – They believe that they will make it and act as though it is so.
  6. Faith – When times get tough, they keep pushing anyway with pure faith that it will happen

These are really the main differences in a successful person like Tom and a non-successful person. We would like to believe that looks, money, and being born into the right family are the reasons. These are our EXCUSES. I won’t say that it doesn’t hurt to have some of these things, but it is not the deciding factor in success.

So the next question would be, what excuse do you use if you are not successful? I can think of many that I have used and it wasn’t until I got honest with myself that I started to make a change and begin to grow into what I wanted. Please don’t let a lame excuse hold you back from achieving your dreams.

A lot of time we lean on these excuses unless a big enough reason comes along to push us through. If you have a burning reason to achieve something in life, then you are likely to achieve that goal.

As Earl Nightingale so eloquently puts: “People are where they are because that is exactly where they want to be whether they will admit that or not!” Tough line to chew on, but so true. We are where we are because we decide that it is a comfortable place to be. We justify it by excuses and fear. It is a scary thing to risk comfort to grow, but that is exactly what you will have to do to grow. You can’t get any further in life continuing to do the same things you are doing right now. You must start to apply yourself and get out of your comfort zone. “Comfort” is a cuss word in my house. It is the dream killer. I know because I have lived there for so long.

I hope this little blurb has given you a little wake-up call in life. I know so many people who want more out of life, but they live in a world of delusion and believe that they can’t achieve their dreams.

– “If you can see it in your mind, then you can achieve it in life. – Bob Proctor

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